G$:       Hello Beth.  How are you?

Beth:    I’m good Greg.  Thanks for seeing me.

G$:       My pleasure.  What would you like to talk about?

Beth:    Well…the business is starting to wear me down.  I know I need to get more referrals.

G$:       That’s good.  At least you know the solution.  How many referrals do you get now?

Beth:    I’ve gotten 26 rental referrals, 3 sales customer referrals and 1 sales listing referral this year.

G$:       I’m impressed.  You’re really tracking your business now!

Beth:    (laughing) Hey…don’t sound so surprised.  I listen to you!

G$:       (smiling) A lot of people listen Beth but you are taking action!  How many contacts do you have now?

Beth:    384 people are in my database and I have a relationship with about 200 of them.

G$:       You are anticipating my questions…I love it!  What do you do to foster more referrals?

Beth:    I send out my newsletter, which is awesome, every quarter.  I also call some of them.

G$:       You know I recommend calling all of them twice a year so I won’t harp on that.

Beth:    I know…it’s just finding the time.  I’m so caught up in the day to day BS.  It’s killing me!

G$:       We’ve talked several times so I’m not going to rehash the same stuff.  Want something new?

Beth:    (laughs) If it’s easy and it takes no time and it works…SURE!!

G$:       Actually it is…and it will…do you “tweet”?

Beth:    Twitter?  Are you kidding me?  I hate that stuff.  It’s ridiculous.

G$:       I know, I know…but do you have an account?

Beth:    Yes…my manager made all of us get set up on Facebook and Twitter…but it’s silly.

G$:       Why is it silly?

Beth:    I’m just not into reading what people had for breakfast…it’s a waste of time.

G$:       Beth, personally I agree with you…but social media is growing every day.  It’s the future.

Beth:    I know…nobody with half a brain denies that.  But how does that help me?

G$:       Beth…content is key.  Look at my business…I have begun posting my “stories” once a week

Beth:    Now that’s cool!  You know I love your stories.  When are you going to write one about me?

G$:       Sooner than you know Beth.  Why do you think posting my stories is a good thing?

Beth:    That’s easy…because people like them!  Plus you will be helping any agent that takes the time to read them.

G$:       Thank you Beth.  Is it safe to say that they have value for people?

Beth:    Of course…and that they will help grow your business.  I got it.  But what can I do?

G$:       Ask yourself this, “What information of value can I provide to people?”

Beth:    No clue GMoney.  I don’t have your skills to start writing stories or tips.  I’m doomed!

G$:       Not true Beth.  Think about this…do you ever see a home that’s a really good deal?

Beth:    All the time.  Why?

G$:       Don’t your contacts deserve to know about it?

Beth:    Oh…that again.  You want me to email them.  You know I hate that…I consider it spam.

G$:       No Beth.  You are resistant to that…I’m well aware.  What about Twitter?

Beth:    Twitter?  You mean I should “tweet” when I see a great deal?

G$:       Why not?  Do it right from your handheld.  No exact address…just let people know you…

Beth:    WOW!  Sorry to interrupt you.  I freaking love this.  I finally have something good to tweet!

G$:       I’m glad you are excited.  Do you think it will work for you?

Beth:    I know it will.  OMG…my mind is racing.  I could tweet every day for less than a minute!

G$:       Yes, you could.  Do you think you would build up a following on Twitter?

Beth:    Hmmm…yes…but only if I tweeted really good deals.  I have to be careful.

G$:       Exactly.  The quality of the content you post on any social media site is the key.

Beth:    I’ve got to run Greg.  Thank you so much.  I am really excited.

G$:       My pleasure Beth.  Good luck!

Beth:    Please promise me you won’t tell anyone else about doing this!

G$:       I promise only to tell the people that read this story!

Beth:    (laughs) You’re pulling my leg!

G$:       (smiling) Check my blog…you’ll see!

Lazy Freddie

Fred has been in the business about 2 years.  He really doesn’t like working.  In fact, he prefers to sit in his Lazy Boy recliner in his pj’s playing video games over showing 5th floor walk-ups.  Some of his friends call him “Lazy” Freddie.  Fred doesn’t really care.  He makes a living and he doesn’t owe anybody a thing. 

Fred:    Thanks for seeing me GMoney.  I appreciate it.

G$:       My pleasure Fred.  What’s up?

Fred:    Nobody knows more about this business than you do.  I’d like to ask your advice.

G$:       Thank you.  How can I help?

Fred:    Can I be straight with you?

G$:       Please do or it will be a waste of time.

Fred:    OK, it’s like this…I hate working.  Does that make me a bad person?

G$:       (laughing) Not at all Fred.  Do you want to get out of real estate?

Fred:    No, no it’s not that at all.  Real estate is perfect for me.  I just don’t want to work too hard.

G$:       Are you making enough to pay your bills?

Fred:    Absolutely and my manager actually said my production is well above average.

G$:       OK, then do you like money Fred?

Fred:    Of course.  I just want to make as much as I can with the least amount of time and effort.

G$:       (smiling) Gotcha.  Then we need to find a way to do it “Better”.

Fred:    Oh, is this that “More, Better, Bigger” thing you always do?

G$:       Yes it is!  I’m impressed you remember that.

Fred:    I listen to every word you say.  I want to be good at this.

G$:       Hmmm…this is essentially a “time management” issue.  I love this Fred, thank you!

Fred:    You’re crazy GMoney.  You love this?

G$:       100 percent Fred.  You are a challenge and I love a good challenge.  I have your answer.

Fred:    Already?

G$:       Referrals are your answer.

Fred:    I love referrals!

G$:       Of course you do, but ask yourself why you love them.

Fred:    That’s easy.  I love them because they are so much better than all the other clients.

G$:       Why are they better?  Do you close a high percentage of them?

Fred:    Sure, something like 80 percent of them.

G$:       You track your closing ratio?

Fred:    Yup, I may be lazy but I’m not stupid.  I think about how to make this easier all the time.

G$:       Good for you.  We have that in common.  So, how much time do you spend getting more referrals?

Fred:    Not much.  I just sort of get them.

G$:       How much time do you spend working on getting clients from Craigslist?

Fred:    Way too much.  Hours and hours every week and I hate most of those clients.

G$:       Do you see the disconnect here?  What’s wrong with this picture?

Fred:    I get it.  I should be doing stuff to get more referrals because they are better.

G$:       Yes, if you are truly “lazy” then you should “serve” your laziness.

Fred:    Wow, I never thought of it that way.  If I got more referrals, I could work less & make more cash!

G$:       You got it Fred.  Manage your time & actions correctly and you could make more & work less.

Fred:    I’ve got to give you credit.  I didn’t really think you would find an answer for me.

G$:       Fred, I’ve been teaching this for years.  Referrals and repeat business make this a great job.

Fred:    I’m psyched man.  I’m going to split, thanks for your help.

G$:       Leaving already?  Do you have a plan?

Fred:    Sure do.  I’m just going to do what you said in the seminar last month.

G$:       So what’s that?

Fred:    I’m going to block out 3 hours a week to work on referral related stuff.

Greg:   Really?  I’m impressed.  Why are you going to do that?

Fred:    It’s a no brainer.  I’m too lazy not to!  Thank you!  They don’t call you GMoney for nothing!

Greg:   (laughs) Now I know why they call you “Lazy Freddie”!