We are very excited about our new live feed.  Every Wednesday and Thursday @ 4:00 pm EST agents can watch a fantastic seminar “LIVE from Park Avenue in Manhattan” for only $19.95…this week’s seminar is on Negotiating and has always been one of my most popular!!


Broker Heaven NY now has a Facebook page for those who are Facebook fans.  Check it out at:


Live Feed Seminars!

We are just about ready to go “live” to the entire brokerage community.  We expect to be able to offer our seminars through a “live feed” over the internet by mid August.


Day 1 @ Broker Heaven NY!

Just wrapping up Day 1, our opening day, and it was very cool. We had 6 agents at the Coaching Clinic and I was very pleased and judging from their comments on this blog they were happy with the information that was shared. I can crash tonight knowing that I made an impact on some people today…and that’s the mark of a good day for me!

Our first seminar was well attended with 32 people in the seats. It is one of my favorite topics and I’m sure people benefited from the presentation “Everything is a Negotiation”. We welcome your comments, questions or suggestions!  Plenty of seats available for Wednesday and Thursday if you are interested.

G$ over and out